When life gives you lemons… Order a pizza

In this case, it was enough pizzas to feed a whole plane full of passengers.

I’ve been “going through it” for the past few weeks — Dealing with one personal problem after another.

I had temporarily lost faith in my abilities, my relationships — and my future. It seemed everything I was working for was crumbling.

But this story came just in time.

Most of what we cover in news is sad, depressing — doom & gloom.

But sometimes, a slice of goodness like this comes along, and it restores your faith that people are good, that the world is good, and that there is always a silver lining. And if there is no silver lining… at least there is pizza.

That’s what a Frontier Airline’s pilot decided while his plane was grounded for almost two hours in the middle-of-no-where, Wyoming, because of bad weather in Denver. He didn’t throw up his hands, storm out of the plane and quit. He ordered the whole plane Domino’s. (Pause for happy tears.)


Last week, my car broke down — and if you know me, you know I am no stranger to car problems. I’ve been known to pull up to the spot with a car blowing more smoke than a Cuban cigar.

So when my car stopped — Just shut completely off — in the middle of the road, I didn’t panic. I didn’t cry, or cuss. “Just needs a little oil,” I thought.

Well needing “just a little” oil turned into 900 bucks in repairs. Thank God the adult version of Jamie had a “savings” account.

This happened on a Monday — And the days after were increasingly worse.

A hurricane was brewing in the Atlantic — And in my professional & personal life.

Much like this plane bound for Denver, I was circling over Nebraska trying to avoid a storm — And I finally ran out of fuel. And there I was  — grounded, desperate and empty. Will I ever get where I’m supposed to go?

On Thursday I collapsed into a puddle of tears and self-loathing and spent my evening hanging out with the triple A guy while he changed my dead battery.

What could I do? Order a pizza.

That was the only option. Life had whooped me so hard that week, the only thing left to do was order a pizza.

Just like my mother ordered a pizza after she spent hours cleaning our her husband’s refrigerater. “Could have grown a potato plant in the bottom of that thing,” she said.

Cheese and bread makes us feel better about the hopelessness, stranded flights — and the seemingly bleak future. It helps us get from one struggle to the next.

I got my mojo back yesterday while I was working on this story. The ugly parts of the world have a way of interceding your thoughts and clouding your judgement — And sometimes it takes one person, like this pilot, responding to a bad situation in the best way they know how, to inspire you to do the same.

So instead of wallowing around in my misery — I’m gonna order the whole plane some pizza.

2 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons… Order a pizza

  1. Lucia

    I love this! I love you! Remember that one time when we ordered a pizza and had the delivery guy drop it off through your window so we didn’t have to leave the bed? Our prime. You’re the best, Jamie!


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